Who we look for

Our staff are an integral part of what we do. To ensure our children are safe and have the best time possible, we recruit only the best candidates. Apart from having a passion for working with children, our staff are upbeat and positive and dedicated to respecting and including all children who attend our camps. Our staff have experience supporting young people in a variety of settings and have a deep understanding of the importance of safeguarding. They are proactive, creative and professional at all times.

Archery at kids holiday camp

What you can expect

At Global Camps you will have the opportunity to work with children from a wide variety of backgrounds and be an integral part of their development. You will participate in an extensive range of activities, learning new skills and developing existing ones. You will receive specific training in Safeguarding and Risk Assessment. You will be a valued member of a supportive and professional team.

Language Teacher

What do they do?

  • Plan fun, engaging and well thought-out lessons
  • Set clear, achievable learning objectives
  • Include and support all children in their lessons
  • Prepare excellent resources
  • Ensure pupils make progress in their chosen language

Who are they?

  • They are native or equivalent speakers
  • They are qualified to teach their language
  • They have experience working with young people
  • They are passionate about teaching their language
  • They are creative, innovative and adaptable
Spanish teacher teaching Spanish at kids holiday camp

Sports Instructors

What do they do?

  • Plan fun, structured sessions in a variety of sports
  • Adapt sessions for different age groups and abilities
  • Encourage all children to participate
  • Teach children about the importance of sport in a healthy lifestyle
  • Assess risks to keep children safe at all times

Who are they?

  • They are qualified and experienced sports instructors
  • They have experience working with children in a variety of settings
  • They are passionate about sport, health and fitness
  • They are enthusiastic, creative and adaptable
  • They are first aid trained
coach and student playing basketball at kids holiday camp

Play Leaders

What do they do?

  • They support children at the Breakfast Club, during their Outdoor Education sessions and at the After Club
  • They implement positive behaviour management strategies
  • They ensure all children are included and feel valued
  • They help children to play fairly and nicely with each other
  • They ensure children’s safety is a top priority

Who are they?

  • Most of our Play Leaders are Students, Teaching Assistants or Teachers looking to gain further experience or supplement their current job
  • They therefore have lots of experience working with children or are hoping to begin a career in the education sector
  • They are proactive and excellent at including children in activities
  • They are positive and caring individuals
Play leader helping children with bug hunt at kids holiday camp